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General Information
Prime and Co-prime Movers
 The Philippines
Concept Papers
   Cooperation in Energy: The Philippines
   "Development of Energy Cooperation among Member Countries of the ACD": Kazahstan
   Energy Security Strategy: Bahrain and Indonesia
Activities to date
   Consultation Meeting of ACD Energy Co-Prime Movers, 11-12 April 2007, Bali, Indonesia
      Photo Gallery
   ACD Seminar on Energy Cooperation, 3-6 October 2006, Almaty, Kazakhstan
      Final Report of the ACD Energy Cooperation Seminar, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 6 Oct. 2006
      Photo Gallery
   1st ACD Energy Forum, , 26-28 September 2005, Bali, Indonesia
      Joint Declaration of the 1st ACD Energy Forum
   Preliminary Meeting on Energy Security Strategy, 3 February 2003, Manama, Bahrain
   Meeting of ACD Energy Co-Prime Movers, 11-12 April 200, Bali, Indonesia
 IT Development
 Financial Cooperation
 Environmental Education
 Human Resource Development
 SMEs Cooperation
 Road Safety
 Asian Institute of Standards
 Natural Disaster
 Transport Linkages
 Infrastructural Fund
 Poverty Alleviation
 Science and Technology
 Strengthening Legal Infrastructure
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