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Progress Report

1. Name of the Cooperation Area: Agriculture

2. Prime/Co-Prime Mover Countries: China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan

3. Date of first activities organized: 23 May, 2004

4. Progress since ACD 5 (May 2006):
China organized the ACD Agricultural Officials’ Seminar in October, 2006. 20 officials from ACD countries participated in the 10-day seminar for study and field visit on China’s agricultural development.

5. Difficulties encountered/Issues of concern:
(if applicable)


6. Future activities:

Taking into account the level of economic development in Asia for agriculture cooperation, China would like to propose the following suggestions for future cooperation.

  • Strengthening exchanges in agricultural policy and development experience through frequent meetings of government officials, academics and private sectors. China is willing to invite senior officials from ACD member countries to attend the International Agriculture Product Fair of China in mid-October every year. Participants will be encouraged to visit some of the demonstration projects, agricultural enterprises and agricultural hi-tech zones, and meet local officials and representative from private sectors.

  • Promoting practical technology training. Regular training courses may be organized. China is willing to share our experiences with other ACD member countries in the cultivation techniques of hybrid rice, aquaculture, mechanized operations in paddy rice fields, the demonstration projects of breeding pigs, dairy buffalo breeding and the control of trans-boundary bird flu. We also call upon other members to organize such training courses in areas which they excel. After the training, we need to come up with some follow-up activities

  • Promoting sustainable development. We need to be fully aware of the impact of agriculture development on the natural resources and environment. We should focus our cooperation on the utilization of rural clean energy and renewable energy, protection of vegetation, surveillance of pesticide residues and early warning, prevention and control of natural disasters. China is willing to host a forum on agriculture sustainable development in the future.

  • Enhancing cooperation on rural development and poverty alleviation. We need to put more emphasis on the rural women employment, and increase the living standard and quality of rural people. China suggests that training courses or seminars on rural women employment, one village, one product, professional education on agriculture be organized more regularly and frequently.
    Kazakhstan plans to host a seminar in 2008 to discuss current challenges in agriculture at an international fair (to be arranged) concurrently. Kazakhstan would welcome ACD participants at this event.
  • 7. Issue(s) requiring Ministers’ decision or endorsement:
    In the long term, we may consider the following ideas for future cooperation.

  • Improving the working mechanism on ACD agricultural cooperation. The Ministry of Agriculture of China may act as general coordinator. Other members can be the head-movers in agricultural sectors where they are of comparative advantages. The head-movers may propose and implement different projects in consultation with the prime-movers.

  • Providing adequate financial support for agriculture cooperation. With the expansion of scope and areas of cooperation, more financial resources will be needed.  We need to make more efforts and diversify channels for financial resources.

  • Strengthening research on agricultural cooperation. Some second track mechanisms or experts may be invited to conduct research on regional agricultural cooperation and provide intellectual support for the official cooperation.  
  • Strengthening information exchanges. An information platform for ACD members is needed for future communication and contact.  Every member country may appoint a coordinator on agricultural cooperation. Coordinators may contact regularly and exchange information on bio-resources, policy environment, meteorology, market, products and technology, etc.

  • Promoting agricultural investment and trade. ACD members should explore the modalities of commercial cooperation among themselves. Agricultural Expo or fair may be jointly sponsored to demonstrate regional agriculture development achievements.
  • 8. Contact person (name/position/organization):
    Address (Tel/fax/e-mail addresses):
    Mr. Wei Zhenglin,
    Deputy Director,
    Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture,
    People’s Republic of China
    Tel: 86-10-64192444, Fax: 86-10-64192482, E-Mail: [email protected]

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